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Bored huh…

September 24, 2007

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You ain’t the only one. There comes a time when every “blogger” seems to hang it up for a while, call it a right of passage. And while most hang it up on average after 30 to 70 posts, I took a temporary hiatus after less than 10 (What Can I Say? I’m quick on the uptake).

This break time wasn’t spent in vain however. I’ve done some research, watched my fair share of porn, downloaded and uploaded my fair share of files, watched videos and saved favorites, edited and reedited my buddy list, checked all my myspace bulletins, watched anime, read sports blogs that give me hope for The Jets season, seen Greenbay, Dallas and the 49’ers start their season 2 and 0 like it’s 1995. Listened to music that reminded me it aint 95′, and even saw Saigon snuff prodigy. Some would think I’ve seen the end of the internet, however my thesis is slightly different. Walk with me. (more…)