You know you dun F%&cked up right?

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Aight so I know I need a late pass on this subject, but me n my boy were havin a discussion last night about the homie usher’s marriage to this chick pictured above. It went a lil somethin like this.

Sin(12:25:44 AM): yo

BKScribe (12:26:23 AM): yo

BKScribe (12:26:29 AM): funny you pop up

BKScribe (12:26:35 AM): i got a question for you

Sin (12:26:38 AM): dacosta was here playing warhawk

Sin (12:26:41 AM): shit was mad funny

Sin (12:26:44 AM): he put in an hour

BKScribe (12:26:48 AM): you still think usher is a bigger star than justin timberlake

BKScribe (12:26:50 AM): FUCKIN Dacosta

BKScribe (12:26:58 AM): damn i wanna play some warhawk

Sin (12:26:56 AM): at this moment no

Sin (12:27:08 AM): but when he drops his album yes

Sin (12:27:18 AM): also usher is more low key

BKScribe (12:27:22 AM): do you know bout the chick he married?

Sin (12:27:23 AM): yeah

BKScribe (12:27:27 AM): that

BKScribe (12:27:31 AM): is the biggest brick

Sin (12:27:30 AM): lol

BKScribe (12:27:35 AM): since brick came to bricktown

BKScribe (12:27:45 AM): she like 10 years older

BKScribe (12:27:49 AM): she got 3 previous kids

BKScribe (12:27:53 AM): fuck outta here

BKScribe (12:27:56 AM): you’re goddamn usher

BKScribe (12:28:03 AM): and this is what you pull

BKScribe (12:28:04 AM): im done

BKScribe (12:28:06 AM): mattafact..

BKScribe (12:28:09 AM): imma make that a blog

Sin (12:28:10 AM): i heard the wedding song was i love my life by nore

BKScribe (12:28:18 AM): LOL

BKScribe (12:28:27 AM): i love that song

BKScribe (12:28:30 AM): i was singing it today

Sin (12:28:28 AM): thats what he is dealing with


 Now let me explain my position (nh).. It’s cool to bag older chicks.. most definitely. Experience is a good thing. However…  when you are a star of ushers capacity.. you can safely assume you’re able to bag anyone on the planet. So why, why settle for this chick who got the forehead of a Klingon warlord. (Usher if you’re reading this, and I doubt that you are.. im jus gettin my point across dammit!)


 Who knows.. Maybe she is THEEE Truth in the sack. *Shrug* Maybe she threw that voodoo on him.. some backwater witch doctor gave her an usher voo doo doll.. Or maybe she spit game so sick he feel she his soul mate. In any event while it isn’t like me to concern myself with this teeny bopper shit. I think young raymond.. got a ways to fall.


15 Responses to “You know you dun F%&cked up right?”

  1. Dr.Fuxie Teacher of Etherology Says:

    Word Bk Cosiggity. I always look at stars like if they need to get married they should make it worth it. Fuck I think Jada Pinkett is weak and Will Smith went and bagged her up. Usher is probably retarded a little, why get married dude is like only 28 if he wanted a kid just get a baby moms or some shit. Plus I saw a clip of Chilly she is sort of small but has a wonderful ass and is pretty good looking, he took a step back IMO.

    You know you done fucked up right(c) Pun

  2. Dr.Fuxie Teacher of Etherology Says:

    NORE the Album is a classic by the way, just a few missteps for songs but thoroughly a great listen. Body in the Trunk, Head, Banned from TV, NORE, SuperThug etc etc.

  3. bkscribe Says:

    Damn Fuxie you creeped in here on the humble. But yea even though Chili is a lil older.. she is a wayyy better look than this broad. It gotta be voodoo homie..

  4. Dr.Fuxie Teacher of Etherology Says:

    Word just came by to see what is up. I lurk on Nah but I cant post from my work CPU plus I am mad Busy now. So I swing by Nah on the night shift from time to time.

    PUn and Nore homie the horns give this song away right off the bat. Yo this is one of my favorite songs ever

  5. bkscribe Says:

    Yo Fux DAPZ! On that video.. I can’t believe I never saw that.. that shit was bananas

  6. reythehussein Says:

    If I had Usher’s talent/money/abs I’d be nailing every snow bunny that knows the words to “Yeah!”.

    I’m an unscrupulous bastard, and I’m ok with that.

  7. Big Homie Says:

    How is he not going to work things out with Chili and marry her. I guess its true love. But still cosign this post. Too many nanis thrown at you daily…and young..and you go for her? Ah well


  8. bkscribe Says:

    yo warhawk is that shit.. i had no idea

  9. The-XFacta "BronxRap.Com" Says:

    This chick is garbage!
    SMH @ This rich nigga gettin a wack wife, while I’m broke and married a dime-piece

  10. bkscribe Says:

    Moderation is a bitch..

    @ Rey.. Emphatic Co Sign!

    LOL @ X.. broke with a dime

  11. Says Says:

    Well I’m waiting for her to leave Urrssure and take 75% of his riches than Imma swoop in lay my hood pimp game on her ghetto ass and bless her with number 5. Making me the defacto K-Fed. I win.

  12. candyraindrops Says:

    usher is sooo gay…he hiding something…cause i dont understand how he can marry this chick….the baby she carrying probably her ex-husbands….plus she got 3 kids from the ex husband!…maan, she know about the skeletons in his closet…or its just one BIG publicity stunt…..true story: a guy I know former security guard for”stars” says Usher is the biggest asshole he ever seen.

  13. Dr.Fuxie Teacher of Etherology Says:

    ^^ Feel Free to drop by and show the homie some love. My attempt at comedy

  14. Belize Says:

    His name is Usher…what do u expect..its written in books:

    Main Entry: usher
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: attendant
    Synonyms: conductor, doorkeeper, doorman, escort, flunky, footboy,


    See..he’s a flunky ..might as well call him captain save a…well u know the rest..

    Good Post fam


  15. sk Says:

    she gave him what ROBin Givens gave Tyson on that B.Walters interview

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