Summer time is coming to a close..

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Alright ladies and gentlemen. The summer of 2007 is coming to a close. With labor day fast approaching and that brisk fall breeze becoming more prominent these evenings I am forced to notice something that happened this summer, or rather something that didn’t happen. THERE WAS NO SUMMER ANTHEM.

Now mind you, I can’t bring myself to listen to anything from a “lil boosie, webbie, soulja boy, lil wayne, baby or anyone else for that matter. (mind you 4 out of 5 of the men on that list have kisses another man on that list. THE SOUTH LOSES AGAIN, but I digress)

Hip Hop has become this caricature of itself, the same way blogs have for the most part become a caricature of actual journalism. (There are the exceptions of course and I see yall) Now the initial subject of this entry was supposed to be about Anthems, but while doing a lil search, I came across a video by soulja boy, and I said.. Why even bother, this Hip Hop shit is a done deal.

To put things in perspective… I remember when NORE dropped Superthug. An Anthem in its own right..around 97.. I tried finding a video for all you born in the 90’s that prolly never heard of Superthug, but all i found was this fan video, (the editing aint too bad actually)

This is a hot song based on the energy in it and the beat, but even a casual listener back in 97 (Yea I know a decade ago eff what u heard) knew that despite this song being hot. NORE Was at the bottom of the barrel when it came to lyrics. Yet the mofo comes out with a few “freestyles” and he could easily be considered one of the top lyrically in this climate. This is no discredit to Nore, mattafact N.O.R.E. was one of the top albums of 97 along with Confessions of Fire and could still bang today.

Anthems aside, it seems the game is in a state of instant noodles. Just add water, microwave for 3 minutes and you got a ‘meal’, even though you’re hungry 3 minutes later, and the shit is bad for you. Rap is disposable. Jay-z said it in a few interviews I saw and as trite as that statement is becoming it is true. Yet if anyone is in a position of power to change the climate of music, it’s the god MC no? I mean Kanye is doing huge things, but thas just Kanye bein Ye’.

I keep hearin a bunch about a homie by the name of Jay Electronica

(I see you Nation)

and The boy Ruste Juxx is on the verge of killen em out there.

(I see you Billz)

So there is hope on the horizon. It’s just… I can listen to Reasonable Doubt or It Was Written like it was yesterday. Anyone listening to ‘Wipe Me Down’ even a year from now, needs to sky dive out their project window.

I realize Anthems tend to be a regional thing, kinda like men kissin men on stage is a Louisiana thing, so all I can offer here are Anthems that were killen em out there at one point of another from my point of view… summer or not.

Fuck the flow yall jackin our slang

Ya daughters tied up in a BROOKLYN basement


So deep.. Well you know the rest

I Bomb atomically..

These are just a few off the top.. this isn’t a definitive list, but I feel it.. Holla at perdue.


21 Responses to “Summer time is coming to a close..”

  1. Big Homie Says:

    Co-signs this post. I was thinking about this the other week how everybody anticipated the summer banger or anthem of the year. It has died down because it has not been happening lately. I gave up this year. Classic shit posted up in here.

  2. bkscribe Says:

    Yea.. summer anthems are so 06′

  3. green eyes Says:

    just for all the little down w/ the south zings, im not pointing out your typos.

    great post though– its true there has not been a serious anthem all summer- that sing you hear three years from now that transports you directly to your 4th of July 07 picnic. tis a shame.

  4. bkscribe Says:

    Yup, I’m dyin to see if any of these current songs live past laborday.. and typos? i’d check, but proper spellin aint gangsta

  5. green eyes Says:


  6. Phuque Says:

    Anyone listening to ‘Wipe Me Down’ even a year three minutes from now, needs to sky dive out their project window.

    Good post. “Today Was A Good Day” = classic.

  7. Belize Says:

    No summer anthem?

    Reggae held down the best summer with Movado’s “Dying” and collie Buddz “when I come around”, plus the Jr. reid Collab “Gangsta dont play” on Fab’s cd…while we on fab [||], his single “you make me better”, along with Cuuuuurtttisss’s “I get Money” are gonna make you reminisce 07, 2yrs from now…pop wise you had akon and tpain lil jingles…although the latter is mehhh, it did hold the club scenes down…Of course this is all in my world

  8. bkscribe Says:

    Beli… all them tracks u mentioned did get burn, but none of em screamed Anthem. At least to me.. Anthems are kinda interpreted by people individually.. you’ll notice I left off the Fab, Jay, Uncy murda track Brooklyn, which some cats might consider an anthem… but not I. It’s a matter of opinion i suppose.

  9. Belize Says:

    True..True..but I like reggae too, so almost all reggae heads were screaming “Gangsta fo Life”from Movado..if you never heard some of his stuff, hit me ill hook u up..ohh and that Coolie “blind to you” was the hater anthem this year…

  10. Belize Says:

    BTW..wish u had that DMX “hows it going down”..that whole video gives me summer vibes [||]

  11. Belize Says:

    BTW props on the selections..I get a weird Deja Vu evrytime I see Triumph

  12. BKScribe Says:

    Dapz Beli.. im still gettin my feet wet in this bloggin thing, but im glad you appreciate it

  13. The-XFacta Says:

    I know I’m suppose to be a tropical brother but I hate the summer!! It’ too damn hot!!

  14. Two-Times Says:

    I Get Money is the 2007 Summer Anthem…. anything otherwise is hating…

  15. Belize Says:

    U a island youth X?

  16. EnglandRepresent Says:

    mattafact N.O.R.E. was one of the top albums of 97 along with Confessions of Fire and could still bang today.

    ^^Co-siggity. Man CoF was my jam in 97. What the fuck happened to Killa?

    Summer Anthem = Klashnekoff – Make P’s

    ^^What you know about that BK??? Obviously not a lot. That was a classic Summer anthem. Hit me up if you have’nt got it son.

  17. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Comment is awaiting moderation?

    ^^The fuck is that? I moderate the moderation god dammit.

  18. LL(not the rappa) Says:

    good post BK…there were summer anthems out..2 bad half the shit out now makes most ears bleed.

  19. The-XFacta Says:

    I hate the cold weather!! Give me some Tims, a coat and a L and I’m good!!!

  20. The-XFacta Says:

    I hate the hot weather!! Give me some Tims, a coat and a L and I’m good!!!

  21. The-XFacta Says:

    Awww DAMN!

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